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Austech Welders was founded in 2008 by Mark and Linda Bostock as the sole Australian distributor for the Sinclair Equipment Company.

The company was acquired by Greg Schmidt in 2010.Following the acquisition the business was merged with Greg’s existing industrial sewing machine supply, service, and repair business and sewing machines was added to the Austech Welders name. The company is based in Kelmscott, Western Australia and has sales and service agents across Australia.
Austech Welders & Sewing Machines is an Australian leader in the supply of plastic welding machines, Heat sealing equipment, industrial sewing machines and commercial embroidery machines.

Since 2008 Austech Welders & Sewing Machines has been the sole Australian distributor for the Sinclair Equipment company. This includes their full range of wedge welders (Triad, Spec, Wedge-It, Multi and Micro), Impulse welders, rotary hot knife cutters, extrusion welders, hot air welders and testing equipment for infield geo textiles industry.

In 2010 Austech Welders & Sewing Machines was appointed the Australasian Distributor for Seamtek LLC. Seamtek is a world leader in the manufacture of rotary hot air and hot wedge welding machines.

Austech Welders & Sewing Machines supply and service a full range of industrial sewing machines and accessories including Seiko, Typical, Siruba, Unicorn, Cobra, Golden Wheel and Jema.

Knowing that when a customer experiences a break down they need service and parts ASAP, Austech Welders & Sewing Machines carry an extensive range of parts and accessories for all of the machines they sell and more. This includes a wide selection of hot wedge sizes and styles, hot air nozzles and elements, attachments and guides.

Austech Welders & Sewing Machines has a full service, repair and engineering workshop. This includes milling machines, lathes, mig and tig welders and many other pieces of specialised equipment. With this fully equipped workshop we are able to custom make Guides, Attachments and folders for our full range of plastic welding machines and sewing machines. It also allows us to custom fabricate automated welding and sewing tables and benches.

If you need to weld, sew or join a thermoplastic or textile call Austech Welders & Sewing Machines.